Why Koopman-works?

  • Advise on and implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Advise and training on how to set up a brand
  • Training garment and textile exporters: How to export or expand on the European market 

Advise on and implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility
More and more textile and garment companies would like to switch to sustainable production for ethical and commercial reasons. There are many ways to implement fair and environmental friendly production methods.  Koopman-works advises you not only about realistic sustainable changes and solutions, but also if this is commercial workable.  In addition to this we organise the transformation and implementation of sustainable production step by step in your company. 

Customer Koopman-works: First GOTS-certified fashion brand of the Netherlands " Miss Green" More info


Advise and training on how to set up a (sustainable) brand
For setting up a brand, knowledge about sourcing, sustainability, buying, logistics, marketing and sales is needed. Research has proven that when you ask brands about what they would do differently when they could set up their business again, they indicate they would definitely choose to work together with someone who would handle the buying and production process. This to avoid a slow start, reduce costs and be able to start with the right collection, and to have the time to learn more about all aspects of the production.

We advise and train among others on product development, buying, costs, and how to find the right suppliers. We offer 1 to 3 hour sessions after which you will also have a clear roadmap for a quick start. In addition to this we also offer coaching for a longer period and outsourcing of some activities. 

Melanie (starter): "Thanks a lot for the information. I am working on it (I finally made some decisions). I experienced our meeting as very informative and useful. And I also have a action-plan now. I definitely know where to find you when I need additional advise".

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Training of garment and textile exporters: how to expand on the European market. 

 The textile and clothing industry is the industry to challenge poverty in developing countries. This industry is one of the first industries which can be developed even is the country has not many resources. Because of the high demands of the European customers in terms of design, quality, price, sustainability and European regulations, some exporters are discouraged to enter the European market. Koopman-works provides training to exporters and sector organisations on how to organise sourcing, strategic buying, implement sustainability and their business and marketing planning. After the training we support and coach remotely whenever needed.  

This also includes train-the-trainer activities for business support organisations. 

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